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The latest information is that the Master plan had to be implemented in 2021..!! Then why all this demolition just now?
The authorities are pushing the master plan with the anti encroachment drive, so they do not have to rehabilitate the people, nor give them any compensation!

What seems to b an encroachment drive, is in reality the master plan of widening the roads. The concerned authorities obviously do not want to compensate the people while acquiring their land..so they accuse them of “encroaching”. While these poor people are busy stringing their lives together..the money that has been sanctioned for acquiring the lands, will obviously reach the wrong hands.

  The roads that come to Shahabad are so bad, u cannot drive more than 30 kms/hr. The same in d state of d roads in d town! d roads r 40 feet wide of which only 18 ft is tarred. Do we really need a 70 feet road in the middle of the town?
This demolition is only done to get the grant money for rehabilitation of the town..money which will… neve reach the poor concerned.